Filter Program

     To help make your life easier we have created a way for you to get 1 years worth of filters for your system delivered right to your doorstep for one flat cost. The average cost per filter is only $8.93.  To figure out your cost per filter find your size on the chart and divide the price by 12. If  you use a filter that is not listed on this page we can create a custom quote for you. 


1 box of 16x20x1 costs $84.10

Divide $84.10 by 12

Cost per filter is $7.01

Cost of equivalent 16x20x1 filter at a local retailer: $10.97 + tax


filter program website-01

8 Benefits of pleated filters:

1. Higher efficiency- Pleated filters are more efficient than panel surface filters.

2. Increased Energy efficiency - Cleaner coils & greater heat transfer

3. Reduced housekeeping costs- Cleaner walls, ceilings, furnishings, etc.

4. Decreased health hazard- Pleated filters give greater particulate capture, and do not promote bacterial growth.

5. Increased filter life

6. Reduced Maintenance- Pleated filters maintain cleaner equipment components and motors.

7. reduced labor- fewer filter changes

8. Immediate Savings- Pleated filters pay for themselves very quickly.


Q. What are the advantages of buying filters from Rusty’s Air Conditioning?

A. Buying filters from us includes advantages such as knowing you are getting a quality filter, savings on fuel, time, and aggravation. Just like you we’ve been to the store staring at the wall of filters wondering which one to buy and trying to distinguish the difference between the less expensive and the expensive ones.

Q. Can’t I just bend any filter to make it fit?

A. No. This would not be a good idea. If the filter does not fit there will be leakage past the air filter soiling the coil and blower slowing airflow, and leading to more costly cleaning and service later.

Q. I have a filter that covers most of the open area, can I use it?

A. This would defeat the purpose of an air filter. Any air that is getting by the filter is not being cleaned, and will cause problems later.

Q. Will not having a filter in my system cause higher power bills?

A. Yes, definitely. Allowing unfiltered air to run through your system causes the blower and coil to become packed with contaminants causing the airflow to slow down. When your coil is clogged it makes it harder for air to move through the evaporator coil which leads to longer run times. This means more money to your local power company.